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Mystery Date -- Fan Fic
Title: Mystery Date
Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling and associates own these characters. I am writing this for fun and not profit.
Pairings: Harry/Draco
Warnings: Slash, EWE, PWP, fluff
Rating: NC-17
Beta: fr333bird, Thanks so much, bb!
Word Count: ~8700
Summary: Harry finds himself in muggle London. Who else does he find?
Author’s Notes: This is just a fluffy little bit of fun that the boys demanded I share. There maybe another o/s to follow-up.

I don’t know what I was doing there. My gay flat-mate had dragged me out to the club. He had the crazy idea that I must be gay as I hadn’t hit on the girl we shared the flat with. So he had decided to prove it to me by taking me to a gay club. And, that is how I found myself drinking beer and propping up a corner of the bar while he was off dancing and looking for someone to tempt me.

“Harry, you have to see someone you like,” he insisted when he came back to me.

I only shook my head.

“C’mon, what about that butch boy with the blue stripes in his black hair? Or, how about that twink with the blonde tips and the black jeans?”

The music was so loud, I could barely hear him, and I didn’t even try talking. I just scrunched up my face and shook my head again.

“Finish your beer and dance with me, then,” he shouted in my ear. “There’s a certain boy I’m looking for, and he’s not on this side.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me out onto the floor where we began to move to the music.

“Ugh, I hate dancing,” I couldn’t help complaining to myself. I was so stiff and self-conscious. Geoff had danced around me until I couldn’t see him anymore. I was beginning to think he’d abandoned me when a pair of hands grabbed my hips and began to direct my movements.
Once he was satisfied with my hips’ motion, his hands slid up my sides and along my arms. He linked hands with me and raised my arms up and then moved them out and down to wrap around my waist.

“Relax into the music,” his voice whispered into my ear; his breath sending shivers along my skin.

I closed my eyes and leaned back into his chest. My head rested against his shoulder. “That’s strange,” I thought, “Geoff is shorter than me, isn’t he?”

I opened my eyes, raised my head and saw Geoff dancing with someone else. Who was holding me so close? I tried to turn and see my mystery partner, but he wouldn’t let me.

“Just enjoy it,” he admonished.

I was enjoying the feeling of being held closely in his strong arms and so didn’t feel like forcing the issue. I relaxed and let my mind drift.

I’d been living in muggle London for four months now. I worked as a clerk in a muggle bank and lived with muggles. When I’d approached Shacklebolt about living outside the wizarding world he had been worried, but he’d made it happen. He arranged for the job and a muggle history. I enjoyed the anonymity of no one knowing who I was. I went back to visit the Weasleys and my other friends, but for the best part of my days no one knew or cared who I was. It was bliss.

My mind was brought back to the present abruptly, by the feeling of a hard cock poking my denim covered arse.

“I said relax, not forget about me,” my mystery man chided.

His voice, what I could hear of it, was somewhat familiar. The hands holding me were pale and slender.

“Please,” I begged, “I need to see what you look like.”

“I’m blond, slender and aristocratic,” he replied. His voice and speech were teasingly familiar. “And you have a geek-chic thing going that makes me crazy. I wonder,” he paused to release my hands and allow his to drift lower, “do I affect you as much as you affect me?”

I watched as he ghosted his hand down across the not inconsiderable bulge at the front of my levis. His initial touch was so light I barely felt it, but then he pressed down and gripped me. My eyes rolled back in my head, and I groaned. It felt so good. No one, not Ginny or Cho, had ever touched me with such effect.

“Yes, you do like me don’t you?” he purred.

“Please, I need more. I need to kiss you... see you...” I couldn’t stop myself from pleading with him.

“Not yet,” he replied and began to kiss and nibble on the sides of my neck around the back and up to my ears where he gave a sharpish nip, all the while grinding his cock into my arse and palming me.

I could only moan and groan at the sensations that raced through my body. Electricity shot along my nerves, my blood pounded in my veins, and I was beginning to sweat from the heat between us. I had never been so aroused in my life.

“Please,” I begged again, “I’m going to come. Please kiss me. Please.”

“How close are you?”

“So close. So fucking close,” I groaned.

“Be a good boy and keep your eyes closed, then I’ll kiss you,” my mystery man instructed.

All I could do was nod. I closed my eyes, and he spun me around. He leaned in and took my lips in his, never stopping the movement of his hand over my aching cock. His other hand came up to cup the back of my head from my chest where he had been tormenting my nipples through my shirt.

I felt his mouth open and his tongue slide along my lips. I opened my mouth and kissed a man for the first time. It was glorious. As soon as I opened to him, I felt his tongue snake in and explore the hot cavern of my mouth. His hand shifted to my arse and he pulled me into him tightly. My cock rubbed along his own bulge and when he shifted to pull me closer, I exploded. Just that little bit more, and I was coming hard. That had never happened to me before. Twenty years old and I’d just come in my pants. I felt him jerk and moan against me, and knew that he too had found his release.

He pulled back and kissed me more sweetly. “Thank you,” he said softly into my ear. His breath on my skin still giving me shivers. “Keep your eyes closed. I have to go now, but I will contact you again.”

And then he was gone. The warmth of his body, the touch of his hands, the smell of him, were all gone. I’d never felt so bereft since the realisation of the loss of my parents. I winced, the warmth in my pants was cooling to a cold stickiness.

“Harry, are you ready to go?” Geoff’s voice called me back to reality.

“Yeah,” I managed to croak and followed him out of the club.

“Well, did you have a good time? Did you?” Geoff asked insistently.

I was still a bit dazed, and said, “I have never come so hard in my life.”

Geoff blinked in surprise. “Well, I guess you did have a good night then. Who was it with, and when? I didn’t see you leave the floor.”

“It was on the dance floor. I don’t know who he is. He just said that he is blond and aristocratic... and that he’d be in touch. It’s like he knows me, but I have no idea who it could have been,” I said thoughtfully, then added, “oh well. At least now I know I’m gay.”

I must have sounded sad about the prospect, because before I knew it, I was pulled into Geoff’s arms his chocolate brown hair brushing my face. He reassured me, “being gay isn’t all bad, Harry, and as gorgeous as you are, you’ll find a good guy soon.”

“Thanks, Geoff. But, right now, finding a bloke is the least of my worries. I’ve got to figure out how to tell my friends.” That would be the difficulty. Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Mr and Mrs Weasley, they had all been planning on Ginny and I getting married eventually. Now, there was no way that was going to happen.

The next morning I woke to my alarm clock and my phone beeping and chirping at me. Wondering why my alarm was on, I picked up the phone, told whoever was calling to hang on, and killed the other noisemaker. “I’m awake,” I announced.

“Harry, Charlie is home this weekend. The Weasleys are having a big party for him tonight. You’ll be there right?” It had been a long time since I had heard Hermione sound so anxious. It made me wonder what else was going on.

“Of course, I’ll be there,” I assured her. “Why would you think otherwise?”

“Well, you won’t let anyone send you an owl, and I seem to be the only one who can cope with using a mobile phone, and you haven’t called in days,” she petulantly explained.

I chuckled and replied, “Hermione, I have a regular job you know, and I live a very boring life. Which is just the way I want it. Though, last night I went out with one of my flat-mates and I’m feeling it this morning. Tell Molly I’ll be by after lunch, please, and I’ll see you later. I’ll tell you all about it then.”

Hermione said her good-byes and we both hung up. Now I remembered why I’d set the alarm on a Saturday - Charlie’s homecoming. I wanted to make sure I’d woken up in time to do all of my chores before I took off. I swallowed a couple of aspirin and got up to face the day.

Hours later, after finishing my laundry and my share of the housekeeping, I was ready to go to the Weasleys’. I put my magnet on our in/out board to ‘out’ and noted that I would be back Sunday afternoon. When I left our building I walked in the direction of one of the nearby parks. It was an old one from Victorian times and was more than a bit overgrown. I wandered into some bushes and disapparated to the Burrow.

Though the house hadn’t been rebuilt exactly as it was before, it still felt the same, especially with all the Weasleys home. The entrance that the family used was still the kitchen, but you now came in a side door rather than the back.

“Harry!” Molly greeted me and then pulled me into a big hug. “It’s about time you got here. I’ve missed you. How are you doing in the muggle world?”

“I’m fine. Where is everyone?” I was desperate to blurt out “I’m gay,” but thought I owed it to Ginny to tell her first.

“Fleur and Hermione are in the lounge with Percy, Arthur and the babies. Ginny and the boys are out the back playing quidditch,” she informed me.

“I’ll go see Ginny first then,” I replied. I walked out through the other outside door and found myself in a grassy area sprinkled with wildflowers. I saw the five of them playing, George and Ginny against the others.

Ginny saw me before the others did and cried out, “Harry’s here! He’ll play with us!” She flew to where I stood looking up at them. She jumped off and launched herself at me. “Oh, Harry! It’s been too long,” She wrapped her arms around me. I felt her soft breasts press against me, and for the first time I understood why I didn’t instantly harden at her touch.

“Gin, we need to talk,” I said, flatly.

She pulled back and looked at me. “What is it, Harry?”
I nervously ran my hands through my hair, but before I had a chance to say anything, Ron, George, Charlie and Bill were gathered round and greeting me with their usual rough exuberance.

“Mate, you made it.” “So good to see you, Harry.” “Where have you been hiding?” “I’m glad you came to welcome me home.”

“Of course, I made it, Ron. How could I not come over when Charlie is back home for a visit?” I smiled around at my friends who made up the only true family I’d ever known.

“Come on, and play with us, Harry,” Ron urged me.

“In a bit,” I replied. “I need to talk to Ginny, first.”

“Ooooo, big secret romance talk?” George teased.

“Go on, you lot!” Ginny yelled. “He wants to talk to me.” She shooed them away, grabbed my arm and walked me around the side of the house. “What is it, Harry? And, don’t try to tell me it’s nothing.”

“I wouldn’t try to tell you that, Gin. Not after making a big deal about talking with you.” I sucked in a large lungful of air. All the speeches I had practised were gone from my head. I decided to wing it.

“Ginny,” I began, “you’ve been very patient with me as I’ve been trying to figure myself out, and I want you to know that I’ve really appreciated it. You are a great girl, and I love you dearly...” I was interrupted when she cut me off with a loud squeal and grabbed me around my neck, practically choking me.

“Gin, stop,” I said as loudly as I could while pulling at her hands. “Ginny, I love you like I do Hermione, like a sister, or a very good friend. I don’t love you like a boyfriend should.”

Her hands came up to her hips in fists, and she scowled at me. “So you’ve found another girl, eh?”

“No, there is no other girl. There’ll never be another girl. I…I discovered last night that … oh bollocks... Ginny, I like blokes. That’s why we never did anything but kiss. That’s how I was able to be such a gentleman.” At this point, I couldn’t look at her. I was so afraid of what I would see in her face.

“Harry, are you sure?”

I just nodded.

“Harry, damn it, look at me!” she demanded. I raised my head to look in her face. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Ginny. I am sure. I went dancing with a friend last night at a gay club.” My eyes closed of their own volition as I remembered how right it had felt to be in the strong arms that had held me. The hands that had stroked me to an orgasm like none I had ever experienced before. The next thing I knew, she slapped me with enough force to knock me on my arse.

“Ginny?! What the…??”

“That’s for leading me on all these years, you stupid git!” she yelled at me and charged around the corner.

Ron, Charlie, George and Bill were standing in a line between me and the kitchen door as I rounded the corner of the house.

Ron didn’t say a word, but simply stared at me in shock.

“I always knew you were a nancy boy,” George said with a smirk. “If Ron weren’t married to Hermione, I’d wonder about him too.”

Upon hearing that, Ron slugged soundly him in the shoulder. “Keep your comments to yourself, George.”

“Now I understand why Ginny raced into the house red-faced,” Bill observed. “Don’t feel bad, Harry; she’ll get over it.”

“Welcome to the club,” Charlie said as he grasped my shoulder in support. “She’ll come round. She may even apologize for hitting you.”

Charlie and Bill each took one of George’s arms and marched him into the house to give me and Ron a chance to talk by ourselves.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” Ron asked.

“I just found out myself last night, I had to tell Ginny first. You understand don’t you?”

“I guess,” Ron said with a sigh. “Now you won’t be my brother-in-law though. I was really looking forward to that.”

“I’m still your best mate though, right?” I asked nervously.

“Always,” Ron said, and smacked my shoulder.

Everyone else took the news as philosophically as Bill and Charlie did. There were no other recriminations, but I definitely eclipsed Ron and Hermione’s news that they were expecting again, and twins this time.
With my unsettling news, I decided not to stay over as I usually did, so Sunday morning found me feeling rested and relieved in my own bed. At least one part of my life was settled, but there was still lots to deal with. I pulled on a green t-shirt with my red and gold checked pyjama bottoms and wandered into the kitchen for some coffee. As I turned from the counter, Sheila, our gorgeous red-headed flat-mate, handed me an envelope.

“Geoff brought this home last night, Harry. He said it was for you.”

“Thanks,” I absently replied as I wondered who would have left me a note at the club.

“Well are you going to open it, or just stand there and look at it?” she nagged me.

“I’ll open it. There is such a thing as privacy you know,” I replied archly.

She swatted my arm. “Come on, I’m curious as hell,” she instructed.
I chuckled at her impatience, then ripped the envelope open.

My Good Boy,
I’m sorry you weren’t here tonight. Meet me next Friday. I want to see you again.
Your Blond Mystery Man

“Well?” Sheila demanded.

“It’s from the guy I danced with on Friday. He wants to see me again.”

“Oooh, that sounds promising. What’s his name? What does he look like? ‘My Good Boy’?” She raised her eyebrows, “what kind of things did you get into, Harry?”

“I don’t know his name or what he looks like. All he would tell me is that he’s slender, blond and aristocratic looking, whatever the hell that means. He wouldn’t let me see him. That’s why he called me ‘Good Boy’. I kept my eyes closed when he kissed me.”

“Hmm, and I thought Geoff had strange habits. You be careful, Harry. I don’t want anything to happen to you. You’re the best third we’ve had here,” Sheila advised.

When Geoff woke up, he couldn’t tell me any more about my mystery man than I already knew. His friend the bartender, had handed him the note after he had found it on the back counter.

By Wednesday, when Hermione caught up with me, I was almost wishing someone had knocked me out on Monday so that when I woke it would be Friday. I knew this was going to be an awkward talk. As soon as she saw me, she laid into me.

“Harry, why didn’t you tell us before?” she demanded.
I knew what she meant, I couldn’t pretend otherwise. “I only figured it out myself last week, ‘Mione.”

“How could it take this long to figure out you were gay?”
At this point I was beginning to feel a bit aggravated. “Hmm, let’s see... since I’ve been eleven years old, I have been fighting for my life against an adult wizard who killed my parents, wasn’t defeated by the whole of the British wizarding world, and was intent on killing me. I kind of didn’t have time to figure out that the reason I wasn’t constantly trying to get into some girl’s knickers was that I really wanted in some bloke’s pants. Sorry to have disappointed you, Hermione.”

“Oh, Harry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that,” she apologised. “It’s just that you had gone out with Cho and Ginny, and I know how much you had loved and worried about Ginny. I was just really surprised. I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right, ‘Mione. I shouldn’t have snapped at you. I’m just all nerves waiting for Friday. I’m supposed to meet up with the bloke I danced with last week.”

Hermione nodded sagely, and said, “Just be careful, Harry. There are still wizards out there who don’t like you very much, and muggles who would do anyone harm.”

Pulling her into a hug, I said, “I’ll be careful. Thanks for worrying about me.”

Finally, finally it was bloody Friday. I’d been going mad all week wanting the time to pass more quickly, but it dragged and dragged. Merlin, I was nervous. I went through my entire wardrobe three times trying to figure out what to wear. Finally Sheila took pity on me and picked out dark wash denims, a forest green dress shirt and black short boots for me. I tried to do something to control my hair, but Geoff stopped me.

“Harry, don’t bother trying to tame your hair, that freshly fucked look is fantastic on you.”

Rolling my eyes at him, I once again raised a comb to my mane.

“Geoff’s right,” Sheila said as she took the comb from me. “You look much better with your hair all over the place. You wouldn’t look like you if it was all slicked back and controlled.”

“Come on, Harry; I want to find a table tonight,” Geoff urged me away from the mirror and out of the door. “You don’t want to keep your mystery man waiting.”

Grabbing a jacket out of the cupboard, I followed him out of the door and down to the tube. We went a few stops, changed trains then rode a few more stops until we were finally there.

“Great we’re early enough that there’s no queue,” Geoff commented as we walked inside. “You get a table, I’ll get the first round.”

Finding a table wasn’t difficult, but keeping it was the bigger challenge. Geoff returned with our drinks, just as two butch types were trying to get me to go with them. “Bugger off,” Geoff demanded. “He said he didn’t want to go with you,” then grumbled, “Sheesh, some people just don’t know how to take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Laughing, I thanked him for his interference.

“You’re just too good looking, Harry,” he replied around sips of his ale.

Rolling my eyes at him, I said, “I don’t see it, but I’ll take your word for it.”

Once again we watched the men arriving. Most were regulars, but there were a few faces that were unknown to Geoff.

Suddenly, he asked, “Will you be all right on your own, Harry? I want to make a circuit.”

“I’ll be fine, Geoff. I’m just waiting for my mystery man. If he takes too long to arrive, I may leave early, but I’ll let you know.”
Watching Geoff make his rounds was an education in itself. He would clasp a shoulder of one man, then hug the next. When I finally saw him kiss a bloke, though, it was the last one I would have ever expected. The man was huge, pierced and tattooed; they looked very friendly. As I was watching them, I felt his presence. My mystery man had arrived. I began to turn to look at him and was stopped by his hands on my shoulders.

“No peeking, if you want to keep being my good boy,” his voice whispered in my ear and traced a slithering path down my back. I shuddered and closed my eyes.

“I missed you last Saturday,” he continued. “I expected to see you again.”

“A friend returned from the continent; his family threw a welcome home bash for him.”

“I suppose I’ll have to accept that excuse.” His lips breathed the words against the shell of my ear.

Trying to calm myself I breathed in deeply, but my nipples were pebbles and my cock was a steel bar trying to break through my denims.
“Come along, my good boy, I want to dance,” he commanded. He guided me to the floor through his grip on my hips.

When I reached a clear spot, he again pulled my back close to his chest and we undulated and writhed to the pounding beat of the techno music. I wanted so badly to turn around and see this man with the pale, long-fingered hands. I wanted to feel those hands on my body and my cock. I wanted to look down on his head as he took me in his mouth. Fuck, I am so horny.

I could feel his erection rubbing against my arse, up and down along the crack. My body reacted by shivering. I didn’t really know what I wanted, only that it was him.

“I wonder if you taste as good as you look, my good boy.” His words crept into my ear. “I want you in my mouth, then I want to be inside of you.”

I shuddered at the thoughts he placed in my mind. I wanted him so badly, but I wanted to know who he was even more. “I love both of those ideas,” I said, “but that will only happen if I know who you are. It wouldn’t be right to have my first time with a faceless, nameless stranger, no matter how sexy.”

Physically, he was just as close as before, but I felt him pull away from me mentally. My thoughts raced as I kept him close to me through my grip on his arms. “Fuck, I’ve scared him away.” I thought, “maybe…no, I have to know who he is. It’s not right for him to know who I am, and me not to know him. As Hermione said, I do still have enemies out there.”

“Your first time?” he asked incredulous.

Blushing, I stammered, “I’ve never…”

“Are you sure, you have to know who I am?”

“Yes, I do.”

His chest heaved a deep breath against my back and he kissed the top of my head. “Go to the door marked ‘Private #2’ in the back. I’ll join you there,” and then he was gone.

Fending off several advances, and more than a few grabby hands, I walked towards the back of the club where the VIP area and some private rooms were. I kept my back to the wall and watched all the men that came my way, or even looked towards me. There were no aristocratic blondes. I kept as careful a watch as I ever had, but saw no one.

When I felt his breath on my neck and heard his voice in my ear, I jumped a foot. “Here’s the key. I’ll follow you in.”

“Why not just,” I began asking, but he interrupted me.

“Just do this my way. You will understand in a moment.”

“What the hell. It’s not going to hurt me to wait for another minute or two. I’ll find out who he is, and then…” Once in the private room, simply furnished with two leather sofas, a coffee table and a couple of floor lamps, I turned around. I did not see a slender, aristocratic, blond. Standing before me, was a fit man with tan skin and light brown hair. “Who are you?” I demanded. “You’re not blond, aristocratic or particularly slender. You’re tanned, not pale. Who the fuck are you?!”

“I am your blond,” the strangely familiar voice insisted, “but, I am a bit of a coward. I want to have at least one more kiss before you know who I am, Potter.”

My brain started spinning. He called me ‘Potter’. He shouldn’t have known my name. There were very few people who used my surname.

“May I kiss you, before you figure out who I am?” he asked as he moved closer to me. “And, close your eyes once again, Potter. If I touch you with your eyes open, you will see me without the glamour.”

My thoughts spun faster. “What now?! Glamour. Potter. Obviously he’s a wizard, but it couldn’t be…. Could it? No, he hates me... and this bloke doesn’t hate me.” My eyes drifted shut as my brain wrestled with the information it had, refusing to accept the obvious answer.

As my eyes closed, I felt his soft hands framing my face. His sweet, warm breath pulsed quickly over my cheeks as he pulled me into him. Our lips met and compressed against one another. Merlin’s beard, he felt good. Feeling his tongue against my lip made my mouth fall open with a sigh that he swiftly swallowed. He took advantage, and I felt him invade and caress my tongue with his own. I couldn’t help it, I moaned. One of his hands trailed down my back and stilled on the small of my back. He pressed us together, and I felt his hardness rubbing against my own.

He pulled back slightly and leaned his forehead to mine. “Thank you for that, Potter. I’ll take a step back and then you may open your eyes.”

When I no longer felt his warmth, I opened my eyes and looked. There he was standing across the room. My blond. The man who had made me realize that I wasn’t interested in women as sexual beings. The man who gave the best orgasm of my life, the man who had tormented me all through school as a boy. Draco Malfoy. My head dropped to my chest, Draco Malfoy was my mystery man. Why did he want to be with me? He hated me, didn’t he? What kind of game was he playing. I had to get out.

Turning to leave, his voice stopped me. “Running away, Potter? I thought you Gryffindors were full of courage.”

I had no response, because he was right. I was running away. Having no idea what to say or do, I raced out of the room and almost crashed into Geoff. “I’m going home,” I informed him as I escaped from the club. Anything he might have said never made it past the roaring in my ears or the words whirling through the little part of my brain that was still functioning. Draco Malfoy.

“Harry, where’s Geoff? You’re home early. What happened?” Sheila called out to me as I made my way directly to my room. “Harry?”

Ignoring her, I swung my door closed with a bang and threw myself on my bed. I was a confused mess. My brain was saying I’d done the right thing, to pull back and figure out what was going on, but my traitorous body was crying with frustration.

Malfoy had made me feel wonderful. He was obviously very experienced sexually, and seemed to want to share that experience. But, he’s Draco Malfoy. He made my life hell at school, and I did my utmost to return the favour. On the other hand, I’d been dreaming about those hands and lips on my body all week. In my dreams, I hadn’t cared who my mystery man was, but I hadn’t imagined it would be Draco Malfoy that I had met up with in a muggle gay club.

My eyes were burning with unshed tears. My eyelids could no longer hold back the flow, and I sobbed out my fear, confusion and frustration. I felt warmth next to me and turned towards it as a flower turns towards the sun. Gentle arms held me while soft hands rubbed my back to soothe me. Sheila’s voice murmured nonsense words to help settle me down. Finally, the tears dried up, and I was left taking deep breaths to calm myself further.

“I guess this means that the date didn’t go quite as you had hoped,” Sheila gently pried.

“If I hadn’t insisted on knowing who he was, it would have gone very well,” I replied quietly.

“So what’s wrong with him? He wasn’t blond or beautiful?”

“Oh, he’s blond, beautiful, tall, toned, and extremely sexy. He was also my nemesis through school,” I responded, my voice trailing off into an unattractive whine.

Sheila carefully pushed up on my chin so she could look in my face. “You aren’t in school anymore, Harry. You’re both grown men now. Obviously he knew who you were and what your reaction might be, but he took a chance. Shouldn’t you give him the opportunity to explain?”
Her words made sense, but I was still very scared.

“Harry, you’ve been looking forward to seeing him again all week. Give it a go; it might work out after all.”

“I’ll think about it, Sheila. Thanks for barging in here and helping me,” I said, my words flavoured with a weak smile.

“I was worried, Harry. You didn’t respond to me knocking on the door.”
Hugging her, I said, “Thank you for that. I do appreciate it. I need to get some sleep now, though. Goodnight.”

After she had closed the door behind her, I dug out my wand and did something I hadn’t done in months; I cast a patronus. I sent it off to Malfoy with my apology and a request to meet the next day at a coffee shop, near the bank where I worked. I only hoped that he’d show.
On Saturday, I woke early and made breakfast for the three of us, cleaned up the kitchen and showered. When my flatmates woke, I was sitting on the couch nervously bouncing my leg. Wishing that I could go flying to help steady my nerves, I announced that breakfast was being kept warm in the oven and the coffee was fresh.

“Harry?” Sheila queried.
“You were right, Sheila. We’re meeting today for coffee, I hope.”

“It’ll work out, Harry. I have a feeling,” she replied.

“Want to go for a run?” Geoff asked.


“You look a nervous wreck, mate. Do you want to work off some of that energy by taking a run with me?”

Standing up, I nodded. “Give me five minutes,” I told him, and swiftly left to change into shorts, t-shirt and my trainers.

“We’ll just make an easy loop or two around the park, okay, Harry?”


As we trotted off, Geoff tried making conversation, but I was occupied by the thoughts in my head. Would Malfoy show? What would I say to him? What would he say to me? Had Rita Skeeter got wind of this? Would it show up in The Daily Prophet? What would Ron say? What would Ginny say? Merlin, I was a mess.

“Harry! Pay attention, you almost ran out in front of that lorry,”
Geoff yelled, grabbing my arm and halting my forward progress. “What’s going on with you, mate?”

“Did Sheila tell you..?” I started.

“Yeah, she filled me in that your mystery man was a school days’ enemy. He’s just a bloke, Harry. He is not some god that you need to fear. He’s just a man. While you are a funny, good-looking, intelligent git who is fretting himself silly.”

Nervously chuckling, I responded, “I know it is stupid to be so nervous, but I want this so badly. But then I have to wonder what might have been, you know?”

“Harry, you need to quit making so much of this. If it doesn’t work between you two, there will be other men. He’s not the only one who can get you off, you know.”

“I know what you’re saying is right, but...” I trailed off indecisively.

“I understand, Harry. Come on; let’s get back to the flat. You need a long shower and some food. I’ll bet anything that you made breakfast without eating any of it.”

Sheepishly, I nodded, then caught up to him as we ran home.

After a shower and a bit of breakfast, I did feel much better. Sheila and Geoff proceeded to give me a pep talk about my upcoming meeting with Malfoy. It was difficult because they didn’t understand that this wasn’t an issue of competing for the last spot on the football team, or who had the higher grades. They didn’t know about Voldemort and the war. They didn’t know that I had spent most of my life fighting for survival, and I couldn’t tell them.

Not able to wait any longer, I thanked them for their concern and assured them I wouldn’t do anything stupid, no matter what happened, and walked out the door to head for the coffee shop. I was going to be early but it didn’t matter. I’d sit and stew there. The day was remarkably clear and dry for May, so I decided against taking the Tube. Walking would take longer, and I’d have less time to just sit.

Even walking slowly and stopping for every possible distraction, I was still half an hour early when I arrived at the designated shop. I queued up to get my extra-large latte and caramel muffin. Finding a quiet table in the corner took a little doing, but I managed to snag one near the front window. I took up my position and nibbled, sipped and watched.

Then I spotted him at the counter. He’d arrived without me noticing. How could I miss a tall, fit blond man dressed all in black? What do I do now? Should I wave? No, that smacks too much of desperation. Stand? No, that’s just a little too weird. Finally, I decided to watch and when I caught his eye, lift my cup to him. I didn’t need any of that though. As soon as he had picked up his coffee, he made directly for me.
I stood as he reached the table. I couldn’t not do it. He wasn’t a lady or higher rank than me, but he was my blond and I stood to silently welcome him and thank him for meeting me.

“I’m sorry I took off like that last night,” the apology came easily to my lips. “I didn’t expect it to be you.”

“I’m not surprised,” he replied. “You always have been a bit oblivious to the obvious,” he smirked. “Also, I know you have always hated me. That was why I didn’t let you know who I was at first.”

Sighing, I said, “I haven’t hated you since that night on the astronomy tower in our sixth year.” I stared down into my nearly empty cup. Without lifting my eyes, I continued, “I thought you hated me. Why did you approach me last week?”

“Your mental acuity is nil,” he observed rolling his eyes. “I should have thought the why is obvious.”

He stopped speaking as if waiting for me to receive some divine revelation. I just stared back at him.

“You are such a twit, Potter!” he responded in exasperation. “I have never hated you. I’ve been angry with you, jealous of you, frustrated and generally annoyed with you, but through it all I have been attracted to you.” He huffed in dismay. “And, you never noticed.”

Shock did not even begin to convey my reaction to this bombshell. “Attracted? I never… I was sure…. really? Attracted?”

“Your complete lack of brilliance was something I hoped had changed about you, but yes, Potter, attracted. I have wanted to be close to you since I first saw you in Madam Malkin’s nine years ago, but you picked Weasley and his crowd. So I did the only thing I could to protect myself, I made it my mission to make your life miserable. If you were going to reject me, then I was going to reject you right back. Plus, I knew you’d never forget me.” He stopped to take a long swallow of his cooling coffee. “I had always thought you were straight, but then I saw you last week at the club. Even though your back was to me, I knew that hair and the way you moved. I decided to take a chance, and you responded to me more beautifully than I had ever imagined.”

Quiet descended on us again. I was surprised to find my cup was empty when I brought it to my lips again. “I’m going to get another, do you want anything?”

He gave me a crooked smile, and handed me his cup. “Americano, two sugars and one cream.”

When I returned with the drinks I sat adjacent to him so our knees could touch. “When did you know you preferred men?” I asked.

“About the time I knew there was a difference,” he replied dryly. “What about you? When did you figure it out?”

“A week ago, last Friday. I told everyone the next day,” I replied quietly, looking up to see his reaction.

For a moment Malfoy looked shocked, then his usual sarcastic personality returned. “Everyone? Hmm, I must have missed that announcement in The Daily Prophet,” he drawled teasingly.

“Hermione and the Weasleys, you prat.”

He just smiled at me, and I couldn’t help it, I smiled back. He dropped his eyes to the table, pulled a corner of his lip between his teeth and then looked up at me through his lashes. “So you’ve really never….” His quiet voice trailed off, too something to finish the question.

“I’ve never done more than kiss a girl, and I’ve never done more than what we did last Friday with anyone,” I answered his half-formed question.

Malfoy looked at me his disbelief evident on his face. “Everyone loved you and admired you. You and Cho were together for months, and everyone knows Diggory liked sex any way he could get it. Then you were with Girl Weasley for the longest time.” He paused in his diatribe. “How could you still be a virgin and not know you’re gay?”

A bitter chuckle passed my lips. “Malfoy, remember that guy who tried to kill me when I was a baby? I think your dad knew him,” I said flatly. “Between adjusting to my new found life as a wizard and trying to not get killed, I was desperate to be normal. I didn’t want all of the attention I got. I just wanted to be a normal kid at school with a mum, dad, siblings and a girlfriend. Well, the parents and siblings were out, the least I could do to be normal was find a girlfriend.”
Gripping my hair in my fists, I dropped my head into my hands and sighed.

I felt his hand on my thigh and was startled. I felt that hand squeeze my thigh and was surprised. When I heard him say, “I’m sorry you had to go through that, Harry,” I was shocked.

I couldn’t decide if I was more surprised by his use of my given name or the sympathy “I doubt your life was a bed of roses either, Draco, despite your family’s wealth and position.” I paused to rustle up that famous Gryffindor courage. “Would you like to get out of here? Maybe go for a walk or something?” I offered.

Draco smiled at me. It wasn’t his usual sarcastic grin, but a nice, beautiful, genuine smile. “I’d like that, Harry.”

We rose to our feet, cleared our table and walked out to the sidewalk. As I glanced around at the shopfronts, I also glanced at Draco. He really was beautiful. I liked the way his hair was tousled by the light breeze, and his eyes flicked to meet mine now and again. As we walked down the street, I felt his hand brush against mine. Did I want to hold his hand? Yes, but what would he say? Would he like it? Would he take the piss out of me for being a girl? I didn’t grab his hand, but kept mine within brushing reach of his.

We were approaching a popular shopping district, and there were more and more people on the pavement with us. We found ourselves in a crowd waiting for the lights to change. Draco took advantage and pressed his hardness into my arse. “What are you doing?!” I hissed at him.

“Just reminding you that I’m here,” he drawled slyly. “Wouldn’t want you to be forgetting me.”

“As if I could,” I replied, “I seem to know when you are near.” I turned my head and looked across at him; he wasn’t looking at me, but he was smirking. The lights changed and we crossed the road, talking about anything that came into our heads.

“I don’t know about you,” he finally said, “but I’m starving. Why don’t we get something to eat?”

“We’re really close to my flat. Would you like to get some take-away and come back to my place?” I offered.

That sly smirk graced his sharp features as he answered, “I’d like that. Indian or Thai?”

We settled on Indian, and I called in the order to my favorite place around the corner from my flat. In talking with the owner’s wife she mentioned that Sheila had also placed an order. I called Sheila to tell her we’d pick up her food too, and that I was bringing Draco back to join us.

I saw Sheila and Geoff had put out dishes and cutlery on the coffee table. Draco and I set out the food, and we all dug in. Between the two of us, Sheila and I had ordered all of our favourites, goat curry, tandoori chicken, saag paneer, palak paneer, potato and onion samosas, chicken vindaloo, and six orders of naan. The four of us laid waste to the food and bottles of beer. Geoff and Sheila both had dates, so Draco and I did the washing up.

“I guess I’d better get going,” Draco mentioned as he dried his hands.

“Stay; watch a movie with me,” I demanded.

Draco raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Nervously running my hand through my hair, I answered, “I’ve really enjoyed this afternoon, and I’m not ready to lose your company.” I paused and took a deep breath. “This has been so different from any other time we’ve spent together that I’m worried that there won’t be another time, or we’ll be back to the way we were in school.” As I spoke, I’d turned away from him, and now faced the one window that looked over several roofs towards the Thames in the distance.

His hands rested on my shoulders. “Harry, I know that I haven’t been kind to you in the past, but now that I have the chance to spend time with you, I don’t plan on wasting it or ruining it. I told you last night, what I’d like to do with you. If I am a vicious git as I was in school, I’ll have no chance of making those things happen.”

He pulled me back into his chest. It felt so good to be in his arms, held closely to his strong body. Suddenly my jeans didn’t feel quite as loose as they had.

“Kiss me, Harry,” his voice whispered into my ear.

Nervously licking my lips, I turned in his arms, my head tilted up towards him. Our lips came together gently at first, but the intensity quickly escalated. Our mouths were joined together with lips, tongues and teeth working against one another. My arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer to me. The friction between our hard cocks made us moan and I wanted more. I wanted to see him undressed, I wanted to feel his flesh against mine. Pulling back, I muttered, “Bedroom. I need you naked.”

“Which one?”

“End of the hallway, on the left.”

We stumbled and staggered our way to my room without breaking our embrace. As soon as the door was shut behind me, our clothes vanished. I directed Draco to my bed, and we fell back onto it. Draco rolled us over so I was lying on the bed, my feet hanging over the edge. He slithered down my body to kneel on the floor.

“So beautiful. You are so fucking beautiful, Harry,” Draco muttered as he kissed his way up my legs to my hips. “I want you so badly.” He nuzzled the crease between my hip and thigh and nipped on my hipbones.

“Draco, please,” I begged, my cock throbbing in anticipation. “Please give me something more.”

“Don’t worry, darling, I’ll be giving you lots more soon.”

He licked stripes up my shaft from root to tip where he cleaned off the liquid with a swipe of his tongue. He continued to tease me with these tender touches, but without giving me the contact I craved. “Draco, suck me now,” I demanded in frustration.

“Oh, you want me to suck you?” he teased. “I didn’t realise.” He graced me with an evil grin and then engulfed my hard cock in his hot mouth.

My spine bowed, curses spun through my brain. Draco had caught me by surprise. Fuck, it felt so good in his mouth, all hot and wet. My eyes rolled back in my head. I wanted to tell him how wonderful it felt, but I could only utter primal noises. I felt his finger slip into my arse. Merlin, that felt good too. I could hardly keep track of the pleasure he was giving me. Just when I thought I was adjusted to the intensity of the stimulation, he raised it up a notch until he had me deep in his throat and three fingers in my arse. Luckily, my evolved mind woke up just in time, and I was able to warn Draco that I was about to shoot down his throat.

I had thought the orgasm on the dance floor was the best of my life, but that was nothing compared to the one Draco swallowed down. Screaming out his name, I lost all motor control. I twitched and writhed and one hand grabbed the back of his head to keep him in place on my cock. His hair felt so soft and silky between my fingers; I felt like I came for years. When I finally fell back onto my bed, totally spent, he pried my hand out of his hair and crawled up next to me.

“Was that enough, my good boy?” Draco teased me.

“Give me a year or so to recover and I’ll return the favour,” I replied.

“Maybe another time. Right now, I’d like to bury myself inside of you. What do you say to that?” he asked huskily.

Nodding my head, I said the only thing I could, “Yes.”

Pressing my knees up to expose my arse, Draco warned me, “Tell me if it hurts at all. I should have stretched you well, but I don’t want to hurt you,” his voice was soft and caring. He muttered something and I felt a chilly slickness in my arse.

“What?” I asked, startled.

“It’s a lubrication spell,” he informed me as he pressed his hardness against my entrance. “Are you all right?” he asked as he noted my grimace.

“It feels a little weird and kind of uncomfortable,” I replied.

“You need some distraction,” he said as he leaned in to kiss me. That worked just fine to divert my attention from the sensation.

After minutes of patient effort on his part and lots of snogging on mine, he was lodged deep inside me. “You’re so tight, how’re you now?” he almost groaned.

“Horny, move, Draco. Move.”

He slowly pulled back and I felt his slick hardness rub against the nerve endings ringing my arsehole. We both moaned at the sensation. Becoming used to his intrusion, I wrapped my legs around his slender hips and urged him deeper. “More, please, more,” I begged him.

“I’m always happy to give you more, my darling,” he murmured as he sped up his pace. Draco surprised me by speaking to me. “You can’t know how long I’ve wanted you like this. I love how responsive you are to me. I knew you’d feel good and taste delicious, and I’m sorry it took us so long to make it to this point.”

I began to feel an intense warmth building in my belly. I was getting close. My body was tightening with welcome tension. At this point, my release was the only thing I desired more than being joined to Draco as I was.

“Please tell me you’re close,” Draco pleaded. “I don’t know how much longer I can hold off.”

“I’m so fucking close Draco,” I responded with a gasp.

He reached a hand between us and began to stroke me. It only took a few tugs before I howled his name and shot hot streams between us, painting both of our torsos.

“Fuck, Harry!” he called out. “I’m…fuck... ohhh…”

Collapsing on me, he stroked my hair and murmured, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, but I should be the one thanking you for such a wonderful first time.”

“I guess you’ll be wanting me to leave now,” he said, a questioning tone in his voice.

“Only if you want to,” I replied, then admitted, “I don’t want our time together to end yet.”

“Then, I’ll stay,” my blond lover told me. “But be warned, Potter. I plan on being with you until you tell me to go.”

“I guess you’ll be here a long time then,” I said, satisfied.

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Wow! That was HOT. And well-written. Nice one!

Awww,thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

Very nice story. Their first dance was hot. I liked Harry's roomates and the accepting Weasleys.

The tension between Draco and Harry had a nice ending, caring!Draco was great for Harry's first time :)

Somehow my Dracos are always caring.
Thanks for your kind words.

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Thanks! It was fun to write.

You're welcome. Thanks for the kind words.

Oh I really liked this – very hot! Loved the characterisations, your Draco is incredibly sexy :)

Would you mind putting it under a cut though? Just to make the old friends page easier to navigate.

So glad you liked it.
I'd be glad to "put it under a cut" if you'll just tell me what that is and how to do it. :) I'm really new to LJ, and have very little clue what to do.

Sure, no problem :)

To make an lj cut you just put your text between open (<lj-cut>) and close (</lj-cut>) lj cut markers like this:

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phoenixacid has a really good resource for basic LJ html here:

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Hope that helps – you can always ask me any questions and I'll try to help :)

Thank you so very much! I've fixed it. sorry to have made the 'friends page' ugly. ;)
I'm not worthy!

Don't worry about it, it's really not that big a deal for me but I know that some people can get a bit annoyed by having to scroll through their flist too much so I just thought I'd point it out early. It can be a bit daunting starting out, can't it? We've all been there though and most people in the H/D fandom are really nice and willing to help so keep going! I still loved your fic :)

Very sweet!! I love the line where Draco said he doesn't plan on ever letting Harry go. Very sweet indeed!!

Thanks for the kind words. FWIW, Draco is talking to me now and wants to tell his part of the story.

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Sexy and sweet. I enjoyed watching Harry struggle to come to terms with it but then surrendering to Draco.

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Thanks for your kind words.

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Glad you liked it, sweetie. I had fun with it. Take a look at "At Last" for Draco's POV.

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