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At Last
At Last
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit slash, rimming, language
Disclaimer: JK Rowling and her publishers own all rights to the familiar characters. I just like to take them out and play with them for the amusement of myself and others.
Summary: Draco had long dreamed of a certain green-eyed brunette. Were his dreams going to come true?
A/N: Draco POV of the events of “Mystery Date” and beyond. The lovely Fr333bird beta’d for me.

As I walked into the club I couldn’t help but wonder if he would be here. I wanted to feel him again in my arms and under my hands. After all the men I’ve had sex with, the one I wanted most was the one I’d never had, the one I never thought I would have. Harry Potter. There he is. Why does it have to be him that I am so obsessed with? His hair never lies flat; his clothes look as if he found them from a pile of jumble sale rejects, but that body and those lips. Sweet Salazar those lips make me insane; I want to kiss them and fuck them. I made sure to approach him from behind. I still didn’t want him to know who I was. If he didn’t know, maybe I’d get to feel his bare skin on mine.

I greeted him and demanded we dance so that I could rub my body against his. I told him I wanted to suck him and fuck him, and then he dropped the boom on me. He’s a virgin and wanted to know who would be his first before it happened.

Fuck! He had to know. Why did he have to know? Why? Because he is Harry Fucking Potter. Hot fucking virgin and do-gooder par excellence. What will I do? Maybe I can use a glamour and hide my true identity. No, that won’t fucking work. He’s too good and powerful. He’ll see through any disguise I try. Buck up, Malfoy. Now is the chance you’ve always wanted. You know you can make him feel good, and so does he. Now is the time to give him the opportunity to show how broad-minded and forgiving he is.
Still being a little cowardly, I asked, “Are you sure, you have to know who I am?”

“Yes, I do.”

I heaved a sigh; I had to do it. I had to reveal myself to him. I kissed the top of his head. “Go to the door marked ‘Private #2’ in the back. I’ll join you there.”

Privacy with my conquests without taking them to my home was one of the perks of being a part owner in this place. I walked up to the manager. “Give me the key to room 2,” I demanded. He quickly handed it over with no questions. I made my way back to my good boy, at least I hoped that he would be mine, mumbling a simple glamour spell to hide my identity a little longer.

I saw Harry standing with his back to the wall trying to watch all the men who came by. I managed to sneak up close behind him.

“Here’s the key. I’ll follow you in.”

He startled, and began to ask, “Why not just,” but I interrupted him.
“Just, do this my way. You will understand in a moment.”

I followed him into the room with its simple furnishings of brown Italian leather sofas, Scandanavian coffee table and two cheap floor lamps. He quickly spun around in a classic seeker movement, and demanded. “Who are you? You’re not blond, aristocratic or particularly slender. You’re tanned, not pale. Who the fuck are you?!”

“I am your blond,” I replied, “but, I am a bit of a coward. I want to have at least one more kiss before you know who I am, Potter.”

He looked stunned. I knew he hadn’t yet figured out my identity. He was the courage and muscle; Granger was the brains of his little group of friends.

Moving closer to him, I asked, “May I kiss you, before you figure out who I am? And, close your eyes once again, Potter. If I touch you with your eyes open, you will see me without the glamour.”

I could see him thinking furiously as he tried to decide who I was. I guess he’d never heard of Occam’s Razor, the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Seeing his eyes close, I lifted my hands to his cheeks. He sighed at my touch, and I breathed in his scent. I pressed my lips to his and traced those plush red pillows with my tongue. He opened to me with a gasp and I slid my tongue in alongside his. I mentally celebrated his moan into my open mouth, then uttered my own groan of delight as he pressed our groins together. Pulling back from him, I leaned my forehead against his, anything to prolong the contact between us. “Thank you for that, Potter. I’ll take a step back and then you may open your eyes.”
This was it, my moment of truth. Would Potter have the courage to stay and give me a shot at winning his affection, or would he run from the boy he’d hated most of his life? I saw his eyes drift open, he was obviously very moved by our kiss. His face registered his shock at the sight of my face, which quickly changed into confusion, fear and finally anger. Seeing his decision to withdraw, I challenged him. “Running away, Potter? I thought you Gryffindors were full of courage.” It didn’t stop him though, he ran from the room without uttering another word.

I was glad the door automatically closed as I was devastated, and didn’t want anyone to see me. Being unable to face my friends’ “I told you so,” I quietly slipped out the back of the club and apparated home. It was tempting to go directly to Pansy’s or Blaise’s place, but more than anything else, I wanted to drink and nurse my wounds in private. I materialized in the library at the manor, found an unopened bottle of firewhiskey and walked to my room.

After consuming over half of the liquor, I’d had enough of my own company and firecalled Blaise.

“That’s it, baby. You like taking my cock don’t you?” I heard as I stuck my head in his fireplace.

“Blaise, I need to talk to you,” I slurred.

“Draco, you’re pissed and I’m busy. I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” he said to me.

Fucking Blaise. He never had time for me when he was shagging some nameless twink. Pansy would have time for me. She was my true friend.
“Pans!” I called through the green flames, only then noticing that she was also entertaining a man.

“Come on through, Draco,” she called out. As I stepped into her room, I saw her pushing a man I didn’t know off of her. “You were great, now get out of here. Draco needs me.”

“Hey, I didn’t get off,” the brown-haired wizard objected.

“Like I care,” she harshly told him, pulling a pink silk robe around herself. “Go wank at home. I’m busy.”

“I’m sorry to bother you, Pansy,” I apologized.

“Don’t be, the git was boring me. I’ve been trying to get him to leave for twenty minutes. Potter rejected you, didn’t he?”

“Oh, Pans, it was awful,” I sobbed. “I had such high hopes.”

She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down to her bed. “There, there, Draco. Let it out. You’ll feel better after a good cry,” she said softly as she patted my back. “He’s not worth all this heartbreak, Draco.”

“But he is, Pansy. He smells so good and feels even better in my arms. And, the sounds he makes when he comes….” My voice trailed off as the tears reappeared.

“Dry your eyes and tell me exactly what happened, Draco.”

Then I related the whole story of our two encounters at the club, right down to when he ran away.

“Hmm, well, if you want my opinion, and I know you do, you need to forget him, Draco. He obviously is not ready to forgive you for the past.”

“But, Pans…” I wailed and sobbed again. I really was an emotional drunk. But, my friend was wonderful; she held me and comforted me through it all. She did say something about me having to replace her robe after ruining it by getting it all snotty, but I would to anything for her.

Pansy then stilled. “Draco, what is Potter’s patronus?”

“A stag I think,” I replied. Raising my head from her chest, I looked at her, “Why?”

“Because there is a stag standing behind you,” she answered.

Wiping my face on a handkerchief she handed me, I turned to look. There just inside the window was a silvery stag. It spoke in Potter’s voice. “Malfoy, I’m sorry I ran away without talking with you. Please meet me at the coffee shop in the City next to the Barton & Fink’s Bank tomorrow at one o’clock.” Its message delivered, the stag disappeared.

“Well, it looks as if Potter found his bollocks, Draco. Will you meet him?”

“You know I will, Pansy, but first,” I said.

“Your room is ready for you,” she replied before I finished. “I’ll see you in the morning, and don’t vomit on the sheets they’re 800 count Egyptian cotton.”

The following afternoon found me entering the coffee shop. I quickly looked around and found Potter. His hair was in even greater disarray than usual, and he was nervously bouncing his leg. I hadn’t been nervous about this meeting; I was relieved that he hadn’t completely rejected me yet again. After buying my coffee and a scone, I walked over to him.
He stood as I reached the table, and then apologized, “I’m sorry I took off like that last night. I didn’t expect it to be you.”

“I’m not surprised,” I replied. “You always have been a bit oblivious to the obvious. Also, I know you have always hated me. That was why I didn’t let you know who I was at first.”

He surprised me then, saying, “I haven’t hated you since that night on the tower in our sixth year. I thought you hated me. Why did you approach me last week?”

I couldn’t stop myself from responding sharply, “Your mental acuity is nil, Potter. I should have thought the why was obvious.” Staring at him, I waited for his mental processes to catch up with the conversation, then realized that I could wait until the end of time and he still wouldn’t understand. “You are such a twit, Potter!” I exasperatedly responded. “I have never hated you. I’ve been angry with you, jealous of you, exasperated, frustrated and generally annoyed with you, but through it all I have been attracted to you.” I huffed in dismay. “And, you never noticed.”

He began to stumble over his words. “Attracted? I never… I was sure…. Really? Attracted?”

Feeling compelled to explain, I told him how I had always wanted to be close to him since we first saw one another in Madame Malkin’s. I even explained how I had decided to make a pest of myself for him rejecting me. Then I took the chance to open up and admitted that I knew who he was at the club.

Sitting there quietly, his thoughts turned inward, I saw him bring his empty cup to his beautiful lips. He blushed slightly when he realized I was watching him and offered to get me another coffee. I watched as he walked up to the counter and placed our drink orders. He truly had a magnificent arse. My mouth watered at the sight of him walking across the room. The view was even more welcome when he returned to the table and sat next to me.

He then bluntly asked when I had known I was gay, and was a bit surprised when I told him that I’d pretty much always known that I preferred men to women.

His answer, when I asked him the same thing, completely floored me. It was as if I had been hit by a bludger. One dance and a hand job through his jeans from me and he decided he was gay? And he told his friends? He truly was a brave and straightforward Gryffindor. Attempting to cover my shock, I said, “Everyone? Hmm, I must have missed that announcement in The Daily Prophet.”

He grumpily replied, “Hermione and the Weasleys, you prat.”

I smiled at him. I couldn’t help it. He was just so cute in his indignation. When he smiled back though, my dick rose to half-hard within my trousers. Wanting him more than ever, I had to explore his sexual experience. He said he was a virgin, but how much of one was the question. When I asked, he admitted that our encounter on the dance floor was the most contact he had had with anyone, boy or girl. I was completely shocked. I couldn’t believe it. The words tumbled out of my mouth. “Everyone loved you and admired you. You and Cho were together for months, and everyone knows Diggory liked sex any way he could get it. Then you were with Girl Weasley for the longest time. How could you still be a virgin and not know you’re gay?”

“Malfoy, remember that guy who tried to kill me when I was a baby? I think your dad knew him,” he replied bitterly. “Between adjusting to my new found life as a wizard and trying to not get killed, I was desperate to be normal. I didn’t want all of the attention I got. I just wanted to be a normal kid at school with a mom, dad, siblings and a girlfriend. Well, the parents and siblings were out, the least I could do to be normal was find a girlfriend.”

He looked so devastated. Feeling badly for him, I rested my hand on his thigh to offer some comfort, and then told him, “I’m sorry you had to go through that, Harry.”

Surprise flashed across his face and he responded, “I doubt your life was any bed of roses either, Draco, despite your family’s wealth and position.”

I was so happy to be able to say his given name without anyone remarking on it, but that feeling was nothing compared to when my name passed his lips. I could hardly wait until I could make him scream my name for me.
Shortly after, we left to take a walk. We passed several muggle shops and commented on the items on display. I brushed my hand against his to see if he’d take it. It almost looked like he would, but then he didn’t, but he didn’t put any distance between us either. When we had to wait for the lights to change, I’d tease him by brushing my cock against his arse.

“Stop that, Draco,” he demanded after several blocks and teasing touches.

“I thought you liked it,” I replied.

“I do, but now I’m so hard I’m aching,” he shyly admitted.

My mouth spread into a grin I couldn’t stop.

“What?!” he demanded.


“Why are you grinning like that?”

Reaching out my hand to stop him, I turned, and said, “I like that you react so strongly to me.”


“Tell me, Harry,” I began in an effort to distract him from his difficulty, “what do you do with your days here in the muggle world?”

“I work in a bank.”

“A bank? Why there?”

“There’s no pressure on me. I handle people’s money and help keep the accounts straight. No one lives or dies on what I do. There is no danger and no publicity. No one cares who I am or what I do as long as the numbers tally correctly,” he explained.

“Professor Snape would not believe that you are content with this life,” I observed.

“He only saw me as my father,” Harry responded, then turned the question around to me. “What do you do with your days?”

“I run the businesses my father left, and have even expanded into some muggle businesses like the club where we met.”

“You a businessman? I suppose I could see that. How is your mother?”

“She still mourns the loss of her husband and position occasionally, but she has reached out to her remaining sister and works on the committee for war orphans.” My mother was actually doing very well out from under my father’s thumb. I’d rarely seen her happier.

After walking over half the City, I finally said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m starving. Why don’t we get something to eat?”

“We’re really close to my flat. Would you like to get some take-away and come back to my place?”

“I’d like that. Indian or Thai?”

We settled on Indian, and Harry made the arrangements. We even picked up the order his flat-mate had called in. We then made our way to their flat.

Harry’s flat-mates were both attractive. Geoff had brown hair the color of cocoa. He was a regular at the club where he was a favorite of the butch tops. The woman who shared with them, Sheila, had the most beautiful deep red hair I’d ever seen. It wasn’t the orange that marked the Weasleys, but a deep red that was not quite brown. They had everything ready when we arrived, so as soon as Harry had completed the introductions, we sat to eat. It was very comfortable eating off our knees and chatting with the two muggles who were now a significant part of Harry’s life. Since his mates had plans, Harry volunteered us to do the washing up.

I couldn’t believe how comfortable it felt to do such a menial task. It was as if being with Harry was enough. Not wanting to press my luck though, I decided that I had better leave. But when I mentioned it, Harry insisted I stay and watch a movie. From the look in his eye and remembering his comments earlier I asked him if that was what he truly wanted to do. He droned on about not really wanting me to leave so I told him to kiss me, and he did.

We started gently and it swiftly became passionate and intense. Before I knew it, we were naked in his bedroom, and his beautiful, thick cock was shooting down my throat. I was the first to taste that sweet nectar, and then I was the first to be in that tight bum. Harry screaming my name as he orgasmed had become my favorite sound.

Once more I offered to leave, and once more he told me to stay. Wrapping myself around him, I murmured something about him letting me know when he wanted me to leave, and fell into Lethe’s embrace.

The next morning I did something I rarely did, I woke early. Even more rare, I was not alone. I found myself pressed closely to Harry’s back with my arms wrapped tightly around him. It was real. Last night had been no dream. I was waking up entwined with the man from my dreams in his bed. He moved restlessly, backing his perfect bum into my groin. Malfoy Minor woke too, and pressed himself into his new favorite place.

“Mmm, Draco?” Harry sleepily murmured.

“What is it, Harry?”

“You’re still here?”

“I did warn you, I wouldn’t leave until you told me to go,” I said, smiling though he couldn’t see.

“I want you, again.”

“What do you mean, Harry?” I asked, teasing him and knowing very well what he wanted.

He turned his head in an attempt to see me, and told me, “I want you inside me again.”

“Are you sure, darling?”

“Yes!” he insisted, pressing his sweet arse into me. “I want you now!”
I couldn’t help it; I had to grin at that. Harry wanted me, but there were certain things I wanted from him.

“Draco,” he positively whined, “what are you waiting for?”

“Turn onto your stomach, darling,” I instructed my impatient lover. “I have a treat for you.” And, me, I couldn’t help adding to myself. Folding the duvet up, I further directed him to his knees, and pushed it under him. There it was, his luscious arse was on perfect display for my enjoyment. My hands rubbed the two lovely globes, brushing over the pale skin set against his tanned back. I traced the cleft with my thumbs and then gently pulled them apart to reveal my prize, his dusky pink, tightly furled little hole.

“Draco, what are you doing?” Harry confusedly asked me.

“Preparing to pleasure you, my good boy,” I replied as I traced that opening with my thumbs. I leaned into him and licked a swath up from his sac to that lovely hole. Focusing my attention on it, I traced all the wrinkles with my tongue.

Harry’s moans of delight momentarily distracted me from my quest. “Do you like that, darling? Hmm?”

“Oh, yes, Draco. It feels wonderful,” he gasped. “I never thought that would feel so good. More, please.”

“Of course, darling, I’ll always give you more,” I assured him and then returned to my task of driving him out of his mind. His lovely arse called to me in a way few, if any, had. My tongue circled his tasty hole and teased at the opening to his body. My good boy’s groans urged me on to pierce that tight circle with the tip of my tongue. His cries of pleasure goaded me into plunging as deeply as I could while tightly gripping him and pulling him to my face.

“Please, Draco, please, don’t tease me anymore. I need you inside me.”
His begging was music to my ears. I called the lube to my hand and pressed two fingers in him immediately. His body welcomed me, and I was able to quickly press in a third finger. Hearing his moans of desire, quickened my body’s reaction to him. I was as eager as he to be buried inside him. He wordlessly whined at the loss of my presence, but I knew he would be more than satisfied when I entered. Placing my lube slicked cock against his stretched arse, I asked, “Do you still want this, Harry?”
“Always, Draco. Always.”

His body accepted me with alacrity. Pausing to allow him to adjust and me to control myself, I couldn’t help but tell him how much I enjoyed being joined like this.

“I’m ready, Draco. Please fuck me now.”

Shivering with reaction to his filthy mouth, I pulled back and gently pressed in. I began slowly to stroke him from the inside and enjoyed hearing how much he liked what I was doing to him. As for me, I was in heaven. Harry Potter, the Chosen One, had begged me for sex. Harry wanted me to stay with him and in him. I had to stop thinking so much or this experience was going to end much too quickly, and I did not want the culmination of my dreams to end in a moment.

“Draco,” Harry moaned.

“I’m here, darling.”

“I know. Oh, gods, I know. You’re going to make me come,” my good boy panted out.

Making sure to hit his prostate with each thrust, I commanded him, “Come, my darling good boy. Come for me.”

And with just a few more strokes, he cried out my name in the way I loved. His ecstasy fired up my own, and I rode the golden wave of pleasure after him. My orgasm made me so weak, that I could not hold myself above him any longer, but I didn’t want to lose our connection. I pulled him close to me and rolled to my side, all the while my brain chanted, “I love you, Harry Potter.” I fought the urge to speak the words out loud. There is no way that he would accept that knowledge from me, especially this soon. I had to keep it to myself for now. We dropped off into a satisfied sleep.

Beep beep beep

An irritating noise and Harry moving away woke me from my sleep. I pulled him tighter to me. I never wanted to let him go.

“Draco, you have to let me go. I need to get my phone,” Harry advised me.
Loosening my arms, I allowed him to put some space between us. I mourned the loss of his warm body against mine, but was grateful for the cessation of the annoying beeping. Mourning was replaced with joy as my good boy settled into my arms again as he spoke on his phone.

“Yes, ‘Mione, I’ll be there. And, I may be bringing a guest. Who? Perhaps, my new boyfriend. Yes, I said new boyfriend. I’m pretty pleased about it too. Great, we’ll see you in a bit. Bye,” he finished as he closed his phone then turned to me. “You are my boyfriend now aren’t you, Draco?”

I’d closed my eyes to keep in the tears that had sprung up from his declaration. When I opened them my world was filled with emerald green concern. “Yes, Harry, I am your boyfriend, and you are mine, darling.” There really wasn’t anything else I could say to that.

He kissed me energetically, then just as abruptly pulled back. “Come on, we don’t have a lot of time.”

“Time for what?”

“To get ready for lunch at the Weasley’s. You are willing to come with me aren’t you?”

I was on the verge of demurring, explaining that he should warn them rather than just spring me on them, when he added, “Hermione told me that Molly has invited a couple of single men for me to meet.”

Fuck that. No one else was going to get close to my good boy. “Of course, I’ll accompany you, Harry.”

We quickly showered. Well, as quickly as we could with our tongues down each other’s throat and cocks in hand. The black trousers I had worn the day before would have to do, but I really needed a new shirt. When I turned to mention this to Harry, he’d already gone to his cupboard and chosen a few for me. Taking the royal blue dress shirt he offered, I gave him a kiss of thanks and finished dressing. His shoulders were a bit broader than mine, and it wasn’t my usual fitted cut, but it wasn’t a bad fit and the color made my eyes look almost blue.

“You look so sexy in my shirt,” he commented huskily. “I want to take it off you so badly.”

“Well, we could skip going to lunch and slip back into bed,” I offered, but my stomach countermanded that idea with a loud grumble.

“I think we need to feed you, Draco,” he said with a grin. “Molly is a really good cook.”

“Are you sure you should bring me by with no warning?” I asked nervously.

“It will be fine,” Harry assured me. “Ron might have a bit of trouble with us being together, but I’m sure everyone else will be okay with it. If they aren’t, then we can leave.”

“Harry, these are your friends. I don’t want to come between you and them.”

Harry cradled my face in his hands. “Draco, we’re together now. If they can’t accept the man who has made me so very happy, then that is their loss,” he said, and pulled me in for a loving kiss. “Now, let’s go.”

“We were beginning to think you two would never appear, though I could hear that you were still very lively,” Sheila greeted us as we walked into the lounge.

Feeling myself color, I was surprised to hear Harry respond, “I’m glad you didn’t barge in. You would likely have seen something you’d regret.”

“Oh, Harry, honey, there’s no way I’d regret seeing two such pretty boys wrapped around one another,” she teased him back. That finally made him blush and caused my face to flame.

“We’re headed out,” Harry simply commented as he got our jackets. “Back this afternoon,” he continued, then grabbed my hand and pulled me out before I had a chance to say anything. He dragged me down the street to an overgrown park and apparated us away from London.

I had seen the Weasley’s former home, and had been severely underwhelmed. The new version wasn’t impressive either, but instead of a ramshackle conglomeration, it looked like a typical country house. It was simple but elegant in an understated way. Harry led me through a bountiful cottage garden that was full of gnomes as well as flowers. He opened up the door before us and I followed through to see him gathered up into Molly Weasley’s generous embrace.

“Hermione warned me you were bringing your boyfriend, Harry. That was fast work on someone’s part,” she gently teased him.

I could feel her emotions change as she turned to take me in. Harry could feel the change as well, but he forged ahead as confident in her welcome as he always was, I’m sure.

“Molly,” he began. “You remember Draco from school. We reconnected last week and found that underneath all that schoolboy animosity was a grown-up attraction. We’re dating now, and you are the first to know,” he finished triumphantly pulling me to his side.

I watched her face assume the proper demeanor for meeting her foster son’s first boyfriend. I also saw the concern that I wouldn’t treat him properly. Putting on my warmest expression, I extended my hand. When she took mine I said, “Thank you for welcoming me into your home. I know this is a surprise for all of us, but I really do care for Harry.”

“You’re always welcome here with Harry,” she responded cordially. But only with Harry, was the message I saw reflected in her eyes.

Weasley’s voice grated on my ears as he cried out, “What is HE doing here? Harry, you can’t be serious!”

“Ronald Weasley! You know better than that. Draco is Harry’s guest, and you will treat him accordingly,” his mother scolded him as though he were a child of eight. “Ronald!” she warned him when his silence lasted too long for her comfort.

“Sorry about that, Malfoy. Just a bit shocked, you know,” Ron apologised with bad grace.

I couldn’t help twisting his tail just a little, holding out my hand and saying, “what a warm welcome, Weasley. It’s good to see you again, too.”

“Draco,” Harry muttered, “behave.”

Turning towards him, I gave my best “who me, misbehave?” look. He chuckled at me and rolled his eyes. I then greeted the rest of the Weasleys and their guests, Seamus Finnegan and Oliver Wood.

As we were the last to arrive, Mrs. Weasley had us all sit down at the long table to eat. Finnegan managed to seat himself on Harry’s other side, but I held my position on his left. Wood sat opposite us, flanked by the Weaselette and Fleur Delacour. Fleur was very pleased to learn that I was fluent in French, and we chatted pleasantly about nothing in particular.

Harry related the story of our meeting in my bar. Then Mr. Weasley had all kinds of questions for me about dealing with Muggles and their science. I was rescued from that conversation by the surviving Weasley twin, when he demanded I play Quidditch with them.

I didn’t feel like going opposite Harry as the Seeker for our side, but had no problem being the Keeper. I almost wished I had chosen the Chaser position when I saw Wood and Finnegan doing their best to touch my good boy whenever they could get close enough. I growled under my breath and vowed to end their harassment of my man. The opportunity came when a Quaffle came hurtling at me. Quickly judging the velocity and trajectory, I swatted it so rhat the Quaffle bounced off Finnegan’s skull and slammed into Wood’s back. Harry suddenly dived, and I knew he had seen the Snitch. He beat Girl Weasley to it, and his team won the game. I didn’t really care who won. I was just glad that the match was ended and with it the afternoon with the Weasleys. Now, I could take my good boy home.
Sitting in Harry’s kitchen waiting for the tea to brew, I decided to tackle the question that had been nagging me all day. “Harry,” I said to gain his attention from the tea things, “what made you so aggressive this morning?”

Blushing, he ducked his head and quietly answered. “My arse had a lovely burn to it that reminded me of how good you felt inside me, and then your prick was rubbing against it as well…”


“And, I had to have that feeling again, Draco. I didn’t know if it was just a one-off or if you were interested in being together with me. I wanted the memory just in case I never got to feel you again.”

I caught his shoulders as he turned away from me, gently grasped his chin and lifted his face to my sight.

“Harry, my sweet, darling boy, I am here until you tell me to go,” I assured him. “And, I hope that will be several decades from now,” I added, then leaned down and kissed him pouring all my emotion into it.

“At last,” Harry said when I released him to catch our breath, “we’re as we should be, together.”

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Wonderful!!!! Couldn't get the link to open earlier!!!! Soooo glad it finally let me in!!!

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