Druken Apparation -- H/D Shared Bed Fest Entry
Drunken Apparation
Prompt: For Leo-Draconis’ H/D Shared Bed Fest, “Slightly inebriated from his night out with Ron and Hermione, who were trying to cheer him up after a nasty break up, Harry ends up Apparating into Draco's bedroom rather than his own.”
Pairing: Drarry
Rating: M/NC-17
Warnings: NWS, explicit boysecks

A/N: Thank you enapets21 for pre-reading and giving me to okay on the ending.

“Harry, are you okay to go home by yourself?” Hermione asked as Harry got to his feet from the table in Hogsmeade’s Three Broomsticks

“Yeah, mate, you’ve had a few,” Ron seconded Hermione’s concern.

“’m fine. I’ll just pop home and get to sleep. Be right as rain in the morning,” Harry drunkenly assured his two best friends.

“I really think Ron or I ought to,” Hermione started, but was unable to complete the offer when Harry belligerently interrupted her.

“Look, I’ll be fine. Quit worryin’ ‘bout me.”

Ron laid a quelling hand on Hermione’s arm. “See you at work, Harry.”

Harry knew it was a bit reckless for him to be apparating when he’d drunk so much firewhiskey, but he had to get home. And, what kind of wizard was he if he couldn’t find his way to his own bed? “Damn Malfoy,” he thought as he apparated.

When he popped into the bedroom he was a little unsteady. He stripped out of his clothes and tried to climb into his bed, but it wasn’t there. “Maybe ‘mione was right. I should have let her get me home. I’m all turned around.” He fumbled around in the dark until he found the bed. When he finally located it, he climbed in and pulled the covers up to his chin. He groaned in pleasure as he settled into sleep on the comfortable mattress. “Don’t ‘member my bed smelling or feeling so good,” he murmured to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

A sharp voice asking, “Potter, what are you doing in my bed?” woke Harry from the best sleep he’d ever had.

Harry groggily opened his eyes to the dim wandlight of a lumos spell. “Malfoy? What are you doin’ in my bed?” he sleepily asked.

“You’ve got it turned around, as usual, Potter. You are in my bed at the Manor,” Draco testily corrected him.

“Can’t be. I apparated directly to my bedroom from the pub.”

“You can and are. Obviously you misdirected yourself due to you being completely pissed,” Draco grumbled.

Harry hastily plopped his glasses on his face and looked around. “Sorry, Malfoy. I made a mistake. I’ll get dressed and go now. You made it plain the other day that you wanted nothing to do with me.”

Draco got an eyeful of nearly naked Harry as the Boy Who Lived climbed out of his bed. He noticed how Harry’s shoulders had broadened since they were at school and the roundness of his backside underneath the emerald green boxer briefs that clung to him as he bent over to retrieve his jeans. “You might as well stay, Potter. You are obviously in no condition to apparate anywhere else tonight. Come on back to bed and you can go home in the morning.”

Harry didn’t understand Draco’s change in sentiment. “Malfoy, the other day you said that the last thing you wanted in your bed was me. Now you are offering to let me sleep in your bed? What’s changed?”

“You’ve caught me in a weak moment, or maybe I just don’t want to be held responsible for you killing yourself while apparating under the influence. Just shut up and get back into bed. I’d like to go back to sleep already,” Draco grumbled.

“Thank you,” Harry replied, speaking to Draco’s back, “Your bed is very comfortable.”

“Whatever,” the blond muttered, then extinguished his wandlight when he felt Harry settle in on the opposite side of the bed.


“You had Potter in your bed and did nothing with him?!” Lucius asked unbelieving the next morning at breakfast.

“Father, he was drunk and accidentally apparated into my room. It wouldn’t have been right,” Draco said defensively.

“What Slytherin cares about right? We care about not getting caught. You could have gotten Potter into your debt,” Lucius continued to rant.

“Father, I’m not going to take advantage of him. Now, let it go,” Draco said repressively.

“You think you are in charge, boy?”

“No, Father, but I am not going to sleep with someone just to get them to do something for me. If you want Potter to like us so much, you proposition him. I’ve already told him that I’m not interested.”

“But, you are interested in him, aren’t you, Draco?” Lucius slyly asked.

“Father, I am grateful he kept me and mother out of Azkaban. I am grateful that he spoke up for you and got your sentence reduced. But, and I mean this Father dear, I will not trade on that to get him to do more favors for this family.” Draco got up from the table. “I have to get going. I’ll see you tonight at dinner.”

Draco’s mother caught him at the fireplace as he was about to leave for the Ministry. “Draco, please this house-arrest is hard on your father. He’s not able to go where he wishes, and when he does go out no one grovels like they used to. The adjustment is hard on him. Please, darling, see what you can do to ease some of the restrictions,” Narcissa begged.

“Mother, I don’t disagree with the restrictions, and beside that, it’s not my department. Have a good day, and I’ll see you tonight,” Draco replied.


“Um, Malfoy?” It was mid-morning when Draco heard Harry approach.

“Yes, Potter?” he replied, looking up from his paperwork.

“I wanted to thank you for last night. You were very kind making the hangover potion for me, and I appreciate it.”

“That’s all? No, ‘I’m sorry I disturbed your sleep’?”

“I am very sorry, I disturbed you. I know you don’t want anything to do with me,” Harry responded sadly.

“Potter, it’s not that you’re not attractive or nice, but I’m just not interested in you that way. Plus, I don’t want the publicity that seems to follow you.”

“I understand. I did just want to apologize and thank you. I’ll leave you alone,” Harry reiterated.

Draco watched the very attractive black-haired man walk away. “Bloody hell, this is one time I regret being a Malfoy.” He sighed and got back to his paperwork.


Harry left his office, headed home that evening, a dark cloud hanging over him. Not only had his latest boyfriend broken up with him for a girl, but once again Draco Malfoy had made it perfectly clear that he was not interested in him. He decided to bypass the Floo and go home on the Tube, and maybe stop by a muggle pub where no one would know him. He could use a pint or two to comfort himself. “I’ll have to remember not to get pissed again, though,” Harry reminded himself. “I want to get home tonight.”

He walked in just as a party was leaving the last booth of the small, old-fashioned pub, which ran to lots of wood and brass. He ran his hand over the red banquette, thinking, “I wonder how many naugas died to cover these benches.” He dropped his cloak and bag in the booth and wandered up to the bar to get a Guinness.

Back at the table, as he took his first deep draught of the Irish stout, a pretty, perky, brunette girl dropped into the booth across from him. “I hope you don’t mind sharing,” she chirped. “I’ve just got time for a quick one and didn’t want to sit at the bar.”

“It’s all right, miss,” Harry politely said. “I’ll warn you, though, I’m not very good company tonight.”

“Bad breakup?” she asked perceptively.

“The worst.”

“Come on out with me and my friends. We’ll cheer you up. I’m Alice, by the way.”

“Harry, but I’m sure you and your friends will have more fun without me.”

“You don’t know my friends. Here they are,” she said. “Hey, you lot! This is Harry; he’s coming with us tonight.”

Alice’s four girlfriends greeted Harry and dragged him out of the pub. He found himself taken to a muggle party. Alice and her friends made sure he never ran out of beer, or dance partners.

Midnight arrived. Alice and her friends were leaving. Harry decided to leave with them, but walked in the opposite direction. He had no clue where he was, but decided that he could get home easily enough. As soon as he was out of sight of anyone he apparated, but he didn’t go home. Once again, he’d drunkenly popped himself into Draco’s bedroom.

“Again, Potter?” Draco’s disbelieving voice broke through the drunken haze around Harry. “What is it with you popping into my bedroom when you’re pissed?”

“’m sorry, Malfoy. I’ll try again.”

“No, you won’t Potter. I’ll take you home,” Draco insisted. He slipped on his jacket and grabbed Harry’s hand. “Are you ready?”

“You don’t have to do this, Malfoy,” Harry objected just as Draco transported them smartly.

“It’s already done, Potter. Here you are outside Grimmauld Place. Can you get yourself inside?”

Harry fumbled for his keys, accidentally upending his bag and dumping papers, keys and his wand on the ground. “No, obviously you can’t,” Draco muttered. Harry knelt down to pick everything up, but missed as Malfoy had already charmed the contents, excepting Harry’s wand, back into his bag.

“Here, Potter, take your wand and drop the wards. I’ve got your keys.”
Harry quickly cast the spell that would temporarily release the wards and allow Draco to enter. Draco unlocked the door and ushered Harry inside. Harry began to walk up the stairs, and Draco, carrying Harry’s bag, followed. Harry walked into his bedroom and attempted to put down his bag, then realized he wasn’t holding it. He had a moment’s panic until Draco handed it to him. Relieved, Harry put the bag on the desk in his room. Then proceeded to change into his pajamas.

“Oh, Merlin. He’s stripping down in front of me,” Draco thought. “I shouldn’t look, but when will I get this chance again?” Draco virtually salivated as Harry’s bare back was turned to him, but what caused his dick to rise was when Harry turned around revealing a light sprinkling of black chest hair and a neat little path from his belly button down into his burgundy boxer briefs.

“Draco,” Harry tentatively asked, “I know it’s really an imposition, but would you please stay? I, uh, I don’t want to be alone.”

Draco just looked at him. He had wanted to be with Harry for years, but all along he knew his father and Voldemort before him, would want to use the connection to get Harry to do things for him. That was the real reason he had rebuffed Harry. These thoughts ran through his head along with the nearly overwhelming desire to take the opportunity fate was handing him. He sighed. “Yes, Potter, I’ll stay and keep you company. I’ll just take one of the other bedrooms.”

“No, please, stay with me,” the drunken man begged. “I just know tonight will be a bad one.”

Harry looked so pitiful, that Draco agreed to stay with him against his better judgement.

“I’ll get you into bed first,” Draco directed, “and then I’ll get myself ready. Do you have any spare pajamas?”

“Bottom drawer. Thanks, Draco,” Harry said as he crawled into the bed. Draco pulled the covers up to Harry’s chin, and made his own preparations for sleep.

When Draco had returned from the bathroom, he saw that Harry had rolled over and was taking his half of the bed from the middle. “Hell,” he quietly muttered, wondering what he should do now. He tried pushing Harry to one side of the bed and then tried pulling him, but Harry stubbornly returned to his spot near the center of the bed. “Maybe once I’m in the bed he’ll move away,” Draco thought. He climbed under the covers and lay facing away from the bed hog. Unfortunately, Harry’s location brought their backsides in contact. “I’ll never sleep this way,” Draco grumbled, turning over to spoon Harry’s lanky form. “Merlin,” he cursed, “this isn’t much better.” He sighed, “At least I’m comfortable and where I truly wish to be,” he thought as he dropped off to sleep.

“Draco, oh yes, please, Draco, please,” Harry mumbled in his sleep. His body, aware of the man behind him, wiggled back until his arse was firmly rubbing against Draco’s temporarily soft prick.

As Harry’s bum rubbed against it, Draco’s cock came firmly to life. In his sleepy state Draco’s hands gripped Harry’s hips and he began to grind against the warm, round, muscular buttocks that were driving him insane. “Harry, mmm, yes, that’s it. Love your arse.” Draco’s right hand let go of Harry’s hip to reach into his pajama pants and grab his heavy cock. He stroked the rigid flesh in time with the thrusts of his hips into Harry’s bum. They moaned in symphony and called each other’s name as they each reached their climax.
“Harry,” Draco whispered. “Are you awake?”

Harry only mumbled unintelligibly, then softly snored in response.

Draco quietly chuckled to himself, cast cleansing charms on them both, and snuggled Harry closer as he also fell asleep.

“Drac-, Malfoy. Wake up. We’ve overslept. We’re going to be late!” Harry cried out.

“Call in sick, Harry. We need to talk,” Draco advised.

“Call in sick? I’m not sick, just hungover,” Harry objected.

“I’ll make you a potion so you won’t have a hangover. Call in sick. We need to talk, Harry. There’re some things we need to clear up,” Draco insisted.

Harry looked at his dream lover, not imaging that the night’s events were real. “We need to talk?”

“Yes, Harry, we do,” Draco said as he lowered his lips to his bed-mate’s. He gently kissed Harry, attempting to convey the emotion he felt for the other man.

Harry, very confused as well as hungover, looked at Draco as if he were speaking Mandarin and not the Queen’s English.

“Go on, Harry. Call in to Shacklebolt for both of us. I’ll make you a potion to counteract your splitting headache, upset stomach and the dehydration.”

Harry, still confused but willing now to be told, left the room. Draco heard him descend the stairs. He quickly followed and went to the kitchen to mix the promised potion, and put on the kettle for tea.

Harry came into the kitchen, drank the potion Draco handed him, and began to cook breakfast. “Eggs, bacon and toast, okay?”

“Sounds good, Harry,” Draco replied as he busied himself warming the teapot, putting in the loose Twinings Lap Sang Souchong, and filling it with boiling water. He carried the pot over to the table, placed the cozy on it, and sat to watch Harry work while the tea brewed.

Soon, Harry joined him at the table with two plates loaded down with food. They both tucked in, and when the plates were empty the serious conversation began.

“How were you able to apparate into my room, Harry?” Draco led off the questioning. “I don’t think you’d ever been in there before.”

“A couple of years ago “Pureblood Monthly” had a spread on you as the most eligible bachelor. One of the pictures showed your bedroom,” Harry admitted, blushing bright red. “I nicked it from the Ministry’s waiting room.”

“You memorized my bedroom?!”

Harry bit his lip in embarrassment and nodded with his gaze on the tabletop.
Draco chuckled. “I guess all the bother of giving that interview paid off then.”

Harry looked up at the man across the table. “Draco, did I embarrass myself last night? I have some really strange memories of some really explicit dreams.”

Draco looked about to speak, but paused to take in a deep breath, which he let out noisily. “Harry,” he carefully said, “I don’t know what you remember, but, in my opinion, you did not embarrass yourself.” Draco stopped again, closed his eyes and looked away from Harry. “I believe I embarrassed myself,” he admitted, “when I took advantage of you.”

“Took advantage of me? How?”

“You were asleep, and apparently dreaming of me from what you were saying. I gave you a wank and ground my cock into your pajama-covered arse until we both came,” Draco ashamedly admitted.

“That was real?!”

Draco simply nodded, too ashamed to speak.

Harry looked at Draco, seemingly for hours. He reached his right hand across the table and tucked it under the Slyterin’s chin. He pressed up until Draco’s face was directed at him. “Draco, open your eyes,” Harry directed. When Draco kept his eyes firmly closed, Harry commanded, “Look at me!”

Draco slowly opened his eyes and turned a silvered look on the brunet beauty before him. He watched Harry with the intensity of the Cheshire cat.

“I have been actively wanting you for months, if not years. My desire for you is what caused me and my last boyfriend to break up,” Harry admitted. “That, and I accidentally called out your name during our love-making a time or two.”
“You’ve wanted me? You called out MY name more than once?”

“Yes,” Harry confirmed his admission to Draco.

Draco laughed in relief and joy. “You want me, and have for years? That is the best news. I have wanted you for just as long, but avoided you, Harry, because I didn’t want to fight my father or the Dark Lord before him over their desire to use you for their own purposes. After last night, though, I am tired of rejecting you,” Draco responded. “I can’t begin to tell you when I first realized I was attracted to you. I want you, too, Harry. I want to take you back upstairs to your bed, and I want to make love to you for real and with both of us sober and awake.” Draco bit the corner of his lower lip. “What do you say?”

“What do I say? Why are we still sitting here at the kitchen table?!” Harry asked rhetorically. He swiftly grabbed Draco’s hand and apparated the two of them to his bedroom.

Harry ripped at Draco’s clothing, trying to get him naked as quickly as possible. But he was stopped when Draco grabbed his wrists. “Harry, slow down. We have all day,” he said and leaned in to place a sweet kiss on Harry’s lips. Draco then sensuously pulled Harry’s shirt over his head; his lips following the hem up Harry’s abs and across his pecs. Draco paused to suck lightly on each nipple, hardening them, which then caused Harry to shiver and moan. Draco then licked along two very sexy collarbones, and followed the collar of the t-shirt up Harry’s neck. Harry’s head lolled back as he rode the wave of tingly sensation running along his skin.

“Isn’t that much better?” Draco slyly asked.

“Only if I can feel those lips a little lower,” Harry replied.

Draco simply smiled at him, as his hands were busy on the drawstring of the burgundy pajama pants Harry was wearing. His lips closed on Harry’s skin just below his sternum and laid a moist trail down to his navel. Draco’s tongue flicked out to sweep through the small divot in Harry’s flat belly. He looked up at Harry to see him looking back. Harry bobbed his head, as if to say, ‘go on,’ and Draco did. He grasped the waistband of Harry’s pants and using his mouth followed the thickening line of black hair down, down, down until his chin caught on a warm, rigid protuberance. He absently pushed the flannel down past Harry’s knees, but his focus stayed on the beautiful purple-red head pointing at him. “You are beautiful,” Draco breathed.

Harry’s cock twitched as the hot breath flowed over him. “Draco, please let me feel your mouth on me.”

Draco stretched out his tongue to taste the very tip of Harry. A small pearl of liquid was waiting there for him. It was salty and sweet. He paused a moment to say, “You taste wonderful,” before resuming his oral examination of his lover. He trailed his tongue down the veiny shaft, then sucked the bare balls into his mouth one at a time. He rolled each of them on his tongue and returned to circle Harry’s staff. When he had once again reached the top he took the head in his mouth and slowly sank down to lodge the pole in his throat. He swallowed around the thick flesh, and reveled in Harry’s throaty moan. He slid his mouth up the shaft, paused at the top and repeated the action more and more quickly.

“I’m close. I’m so fucking close, Draco. Unless you want a mouthful, you’d better move,” Harry warned his lover.

Draco’s only response was to fasten his lips more tightly about Harry’s cock as he slid the glans along the roof of his mouth. He felt Harry’s body tense and begin to move erratically. Draco sped up his motion as Harry shot streams of creamy white liquid down his throat. He swallowed quickly so as not to waste a single drop. When Harry was drained and cleaned up tidily, Draco crawled up his body to kiss the sated man.

“That was amazing,” Harry admitted. “I never dreamed you were so skilled, Draco. Thank you.” He kissed Draco as he held Harry’s face between his palms. Harry felt Draco’s erection poking him between his legs.

A loud, feminine gasp sounded in the room, then a skilled cry of levioso, and Draco flew into the air. He was so shocked, he hadn’t breath to speak.

Harry didn’t suffer any such handicap. “Hemione! What the fuck are you doing?! Put him down at once!” he yelled, completely forgetting his nudity.

Hermione flushed scarlet from the roots of her hair down to the tips of her toes when she realized that Draco and Harry both were completely naked and why. She got a glimpse of Draco’s dark rose cock before it shrank down from his surprise. “Oh my god, Harry. Malfoy. Oh no! I am so sorry. There you go.” Hermione let Draco down as quickly as she could without actually dropping him and then she disappeared with a loud pop of displaced air.

“Draco, are you okay? Are you hurt?” Harry worriedly asked.

“I’m fine,” Draco muttered through clenched teeth. “Just furious with that witch. I am going to kill her. I am going to upend her in the Great Hall at lunch time. I am going to make her go swimming naked in the fountain at the Ministry,” Draco raged on while angrily pulling on whatever clothing was nearest.

“Sweetheart, let’s go down to the kitchen and find out why she came here,” Harry suggested as he pulled his pajamas back on. “I am sorry that we didn’t get a chance to finish. I was looking forward to feeling you inside of me.”

“Are you sure she’s still here?” Harry nodded his reply. “Then we’ll get back to what we were doing as soon as we get rid of Granger,” Draco reassured Harry as he took his hand to walk down to the kitchen.

The two men found Hermione sitting alone at the table, determinedly not looking at them.

Harry spoke first. “Hermione, why did you come racing in here?”

“I’ve been listening to George and Ron too much,” she replied, then continued. “Then I heard that you called in for both of you, and I just ….” Her voice trailed off.

“Made the assumption that I was holding Harry here against his will and possibly harming him,” Draco flatly finished for her.

“No, I-, well, that is…” Hermione looked as unsure and confused as Harry had ever seen her. She finally looked up at Draco directly and apologized. “I am sorry I thought the worst of you, Malfoy. I hope that you can forgive me. I knew Harry was hoping for a relationship with you, but the last I had heard you had turned him down. I really am sorry. I’ll go and leave you two alone.” Hermione slowly stood and turned to walk out of the kitchen until Draco’s voice stopped her.

“Granger, I understand that you have little reason to trust me, but I would never hurt Harry deliberately.”

Without turning around, she quietly nodded her head and walked out of the house.

“Hermione was always the one to counsel moderation and looking for proof when we were at school. It was Ron and me who were always sure that you were behind any misdeeds,” Harry admitted.

“It’s all right, love,” Draco informed him, “a lot of the time it was me causing you problems, but that was a long time ago.” He grabbed Harry’s hand to escort him back upstairs to the bedroom. “I was honest with Granger, just maybe not completely honest.”

Harry gave him a puzzled glance.

Draco elaborated, a sly grin on his face. “I’d never hurt you deliberately, or at least not beyond what you wanted.”

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