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Beach Moves
Beach Moves

Pairing: Harry/Draco, past Blaise/Draco mentioned
Rating: R
Word count: ~900
Warnings: Implied slash and BDSM
Song: Girl from Ipanema, composer: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Disclaimer: JK Rowling and her publishers own the characters. I just make them dance to a very different tune. There is no profit made or pursued by me for my writing. I am just sharing the dirty thoughts from my perverted brain.
Summary: Blaise wanted to reunite with Draco. He learned that we don’t always get what we want.

A/N: This fluffy little ficlet played out in my head as my sunburn and I hid from the sun at the beach last week. Thanks to Fr333bird for the great beta job.

Blaise couldn’t believe he’d followed Draco across an ocean on the off-chance they’d be able to connect again. He walked through the Muggle hotel gardens towards the strip of white sand along Florida’s Atlantic coast. He carefully scanned the beach for the shock of white-blond hair that would identify his quarry. First he looked out to the water, spotting only dark heads surfing and swimming. Then his gaze swept the water’s edge. There were blond heads, but none were the distinctive Malfoy shade. Finally he looked under the trees edging the beach and found him. Malfoy’s platinum hair shone like a beacon on a moonless night while his eyes seemed fixed on one of the people in the surf.

“Should have known he’d be in the shade. He burns quicker than a redhead,” Blaise muttered to himself, then greeted his long-time friend and sometime lover, “Hello, Draco.”

“Blaise, what brings you here, as if I didn’t know?” Draco responded.

Blaise shrugged his muscular dark shoulders and replied, “I needed a holiday, and when you mentioned Florida it sounded lovely.”

“And, are you enjoying your holiday here in Florida?”

“It’s pleasant enough, but I’m hoping that I can find someone to make it truly memorable.”

“Good luck with that,” Draco replied, his eyes once again trained on a person out on the water.

“I had hoped that you and I,” Blaise began, but Draco quickly interrupted him.

“No, Blaise. I’m here with someone, and he doesn’t share.”

“I had heard a rumour that you had acquired a boyfriend. So it’s true?”

“Very true,” Draco said with a smirk, his eyes never leaving the surf and the man who rode it.

“Is it a serious relationship, Draco?” Blaise enquired cautiously.

“Oh, that was a bad tumble,” Draco remarked as he watched the athletic man felled by a wave in the shallows. He then dragged his attention back to his friend. “Yes, Blaise, it is very serious. I have never….,” he paused letting his mind search for the right words to convey the strength of his commitment. “Hmmm, let me put it this way, I only bottom for him and don’t miss topping at all.”

Blaise’s eyes fluttered and then sprung open in shock. In the wizarding gay community, Draco was known for being a dominant top. When he and Draco were together, they switched, but generally Draco topped. “He’s that good?”

“He’s that good to me,” Draco replied, his attention again out on the waves. “Lovely,” he commented as he watched a particularly attractive surfer catch his wave and ride smoothly all the way into the water’s edge. “Ah, he’s coming up here,” Draco observed. “You’ll get a chance to meet him.” Draco avidly watched the figure of his lover approach.

Blaise watched closely as well, to see if he knew the man who had captured Draco so completely. He noted the dark hair that sprung from the man’s well-formed skull. The easy grace of his walk as he casually carried the long board in one hand as if it weighed nothing. The broad shoulders tapering to a slim waist and trim hips spoke volumes of good genetics or hard work in the gym. The golden colour of the man’s skin told him that he spent hours in the sun. “His body is attractive enough, Draco, but I can’t see his face.”

Then the man lifted his head and Blaise was caught by the emerald eyes before he could consciously register the lightning-bolt scar on his forehead. He spun towards Draco. “Potter?! Harry fucking Potter, Draco?! Are you serious?! He’s your boyfriend?”

Draco simply smirked and nodded his head.

“Zabini,” Harry said as he approached, “thanks for keeping my boy company. I’m glad he didn’t have to sit out here all alone.” He took Draco’s hand, tugging it gently, and said, “Come along, pretty boy I want to ravage that sweet little arse of yours. Bye Zabini.” he turned dismissively and dragged Draco away.

“Goodbye, Blaise. Maybe we’ll see you around,” Draco called over his shoulder.

“And, maybe I’ll keep you bound and you will be unable to see anyone but me,” Harry told his lover and pulled his knuckles in for a kiss.

“Will you blindfold me again?” Draco asked, a pleading tone in his voice.

“If you are a good boy, I’ll tie you to the bed, blindfold you and spank you. Would you like that Puff?”*

“Oh, yes, Harry. I’d love that.”

Blaise stared unbelievingly at his friend and his ex-lover walking away. Draco really had fallen hard for the “Boy Who Lived,” and he didn’t know anyone who would believe what he had heard if he could manage to repeat it. Blaise took a deep breath to calm himself and walked over to the beachside bar and ordered a large, strong drink. This would take some getting used to.

*Ref to “Pillow Talk”. Harry calls Draco “Puff” as from “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

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Sexy moves for the beach, love the Puff inclusion.
Fun summer read.

Thanks for the kind words.

That's right, Harry. You tell 'em. Blaise never stood a chance. Great fun, this story. I'm so smitten with them in this lil fic! And don't we all love your smitten Draco!

hee hee hee, glad you liked Harry's dismissal of Blaise. Thanks for your kind words.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for your kind words. Fluffy is so much fun. :)

Yay I adored this beach scene you created :)

Thanks, Lijahlover. That means a lot to me.

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